Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Notepad ++ tips.

You can already find this elsewhere on the internet but this post just means there’ll be one more source that might help someone find the info. (Plus it’s a note to self.)

So. I wanted two things to get done in notepad ++: 
  • Modify an existing colour theme.
  • Set the default language to C++ for certain files types.

Modify an existing colour theme.

Go to the Settings menu > Style Configurator.
In the upper part of the window, choose a selected theme.

Good for you if you find one that suits you entirely. I generally like the one named ‘Choco’ but I don’t like the selected text colour which I find not visible enough.

To personalize a theme, go find your themes folder within your Notepad++ files. (Mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\themes).
Copy your favourite theme and rename it. Now you’d think that you could edit your newly created theme from the Style Configurator and go Global Styles > Selected text colour and change the background colour. So did I.

Yeah, but for some reason this is only going to last for your current session and next time you restart, your changes will be lost. You need to edit your theme’s text file directly. Open it, search for ‘Selected text colour’ and change the background colour to your desired value.

Set the default language to C++ for certain files types.

Go to the Settings menu > Style Configurator.
Choose the language you want to add extensions to from the left hand side list then add the extensions in the ‘User ext’ box:


This too doesn't save properly so you have to your extensions yourself in the text file.
The file you need to modify is called langs.xml.
I found it in: C:\Users\youName\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\langs.xml (although from what I read it might also be in your notepad ++ install files).

Find the language you're after (C++ in my case) and add the extensions you need in ext =""

By the way, I found all my answers on Super User.

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